Dear Friends,
                 It is often difficult to explain the term "Congenital Heart Surgeon" to families and those who ask for "a surgeon that fixes kids' hearts".... It can become nearly impossible if this title is linked to one with rather unusual name to pronounce...
                My name is Anastasios Polimenakos, Chief of Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery at The Children's Hospital of Georgia and Faculty member of the Medical College of Georgia. I joined this fine Kids' facility in 2014 and since then our Heart Team of experts in the field of Congenital and Structural Heart Disease has been fortunate to cherish the trust of our community and the respect of colleagues and families in the State of Georgia and beyond...
                 As a practicing heart surgeon for nearly a decade I have been dealing with heart birth conditions and blessed to see neonates with "broken" hearts to grow into fine young adults or enter their adolescent years competing and striving for the best in sports and academics. My expertise, although it is associated with the unimaginable pride to be entrusted by families for the care of their loved ones, carries significant emotional toll when one, as a surgeon/care provider, is facing the challenge of a complex heart condition and, at the same time, striving to fullfill hopes and expectations of the patient's family.   
                 In the scope of my practice we do not only intervene in a day(s)-old neonate, an infant, or a toddler with congenital and structural heart anomaly, but also, in adolescents and patients with history of congenital heart condition who grew into adulthood. As contemporary estimates suggest by year 2020 more than 85% of patients diagnosed with congenital heart defect in USA will live into adulthood and nearly 3/4 of them will reach 60 years of age.... This is only one of the reason to strive for excellence in our field. And this is one of the many reasons why at the Children's Hospital of Georgia we do not compromise with nothing less than state-of-the-art outcomes and are committed to excel in families satisfaction.
                   Since gradualting from Medical School in mid 90s I have been fortunate to work next to legends in our field during my training in cardiothoracic, heart transplantation and pediatric/congenital heart surgery at St. Louis University School of Medicine, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine and S.C. Mott's Children's Hospital at the University of Michigan School of Medicine in Ann Arbor.
                    After practicing in Chicago at The Heart Institute for Children of Advocate Hope Children’s Hospital Children's Hospital and Rush University, and The Heart Center for Children at Janet Weis Children’s Hospital of Geisinger Clinic I accepted the invitation to contribute in the transformation of the Children's Hospital of Georgia Congenital Heart Program to a regional and national center of excellence. Our Heart team brings the wealth of skill and knowledge that it is much needed in our community and statewide.
                    Being involved in humanitarian efforts worldwide to provide comprehensive management to patients with congenital heart defects my aspirations and the goals of our Heart team is, not only to serve our community, but also, to fuction as a hub for international collaboration in Global Heart Surgery for kids in need. 
                     Please join us and explore the fascinating world of Congenital and Structural Heart Surgery, get up-to-date with the most contemporary management strategies and educate yourselves on how heart care designated for these unique complex heart anomalies should be provided.  

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A. C. Polimenakos, MD FACS FACC

             This site is not meant to replace or compliment the offical website of the Children's Hospital of Georgia or provide duplicate information for the Pediatric and Congenital Heart Program as advertized by the same site. For details and accessing information related to the program and its care providers we encourage you to browse the pertinent site.
    reflects views and aspirations driven by my involvement in the field of congenital and structural heart surgery as practicing physician, trainee or student for nearly 2 decades. The goal is to build a family-friendly environment where families and their loved ones can explore the fascinating world of Congenital and Structural Heart Surgery, get up-to-date with the most contemporary management strategies and educate themselves on how heart care designated for these unique complex heart anomalies should be provided.
              It can serve as an easy access to:
       1. The qualifications and expertize that families want to know about the surgeon(s) to whom will entrust their loved ones
       2. Valuable information related to congenital heart defects and their management, services provided and options
      3. Interesting published papers in the literature related to proposed treatment strategies, upcoming novel concepts in the care or direction of  practice in the State of Georgia and nationwide related to Congenital and Structural Heart Surgery
       4. A reliable tool for inquiries, questions or comments.
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